This killer admitted to 70 murders spanning a lifetime. With 22 being verified, it makes Tommy Lynn Sells a cold-blooded serial killer.

Before He Became the Coast to Coast Killer

Tommy Lynn Sells was born on June 28, 1964, in Oakland, California, with a twin sister named Tammy Jean.

When the twins, Tommy and Tammy, were only 18…

Love Triangles almost always come to light, and when they do, it’s usually deadly for one of the parties involved.

The Victim

Laura Wallen, 31, was a beautiful young woman. She was recently named teacher of the year at Wilde Lake High School in Columbia, Md, where she taught social studies.


This victim went to work and was gunned down right in front of his precinct in a brazen assassination.

The Victim

Officer Dylan Harrison, 26, had reported to his first shift with the Alamo Police Department on Friday evening, October 8, 2021.

Harrison had been in law enforcement since 2018. He was…

What makes a woman want to kill innocent children? What crossed wires leave her with no guilt afterwards?

The Start of Her Life

Elisabeth Berkefeld was born on July 1, 1853, in Bilshausen, Lower Saxony, Germany.

Elisabeth worked as a midwife in Hamburg until she was caught performing illegal abortions. …

This crime scene speaks right to our inner fears, death in a cornfield.

*This is an ongoing news story. But what is already known is enough to freak most people out — four bodies in a rural Wisconsin cornfield.

Saturday night, September 11, 2021, the four victims had been together…

If ever there was a case for saying someone was born to assault, it would be this one.

A Killer Childhood

Anthony Allen Shore was born on June 25, 1962, in Rapid City, South Dakota. …

I was flying home from the east coast when I had my celebrity moment. Unfortunately, it’s lasted more than 15 minutes in my head.

I was starving and found that all of the restaurants had too long of a wait or were closed in the Charlotte, NC, terminal my flight…

Are there Satanic Killers amongst us? Or is this the story of a young woman looking for something more impressive-sounding than the garden variety John Killer she was?

“Looks can be deceiving,” this is how Miranda Barbour answered the question of how people were supposed to believe that the petite…

Have you seen this wanted fugitive?

When we’re in trouble, whether it’s a medical emergency or we need protection from an attacker, we call 911. They are the voice on the other end of the line meant to reassure us that help is on the way.

One woman not only…

A New Jersey murder went as cold as the January night she was savagely killed and left in the woods.

The Disappearance

On January 7, 1999, Sayreville War Memorial High School senior Nancy Noga 17 was reported missing by her family.

Nancy had an after-school job at the Rag Shop on Route…

Lisa Marie Fuqua

True Crime Writer in Las Vegas. I used to be a Web Developer in the Newsroom, now I spend my time in coffee shops researching murder.

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