I was flying home from the east coast when I had my celebrity moment. Unfortunately, it’s lasted more than 15 minutes in my head.

I was starving and found that all of the restaurants had too long of a wait or were closed in the Charlotte, NC, terminal my flight was leaving from after 5 pm. So I bought a bag of BBQ chips at a newsstand, which ended up being some kind of sour cream chips in a BBQ bag.

After throwing them out, I walked back towards one of those lounge seats that were never comfortable. …

Are there Satanic Killers amongst us? Or is this the story of a young woman looking for something more impressive-sounding than the garden variety John Killer she was?

“Looks can be deceiving,” this is how Miranda Barbour answered the question of how people were supposed to believe that the petite young woman could be capable of multiple murders.

The Friends You Don’t Want

Elytte Barbour had graduated high school in 2010 and enrolled in college. People who knew him at this time described him as a quiet young man who had a religious background.

Then in March of 2013, Elytte tried ecstasy and ended up…

Have you seen this wanted fugitive?

When we’re in trouble, whether it’s a medical emergency or we need protection from an attacker, we call 911. They are the voice on the other end of the line meant to reassure us that help is on the way.

One woman not only failed to do her job but put countless lives in jeopardy. She’s now wanted by the police.

Precious Stephens, 25, was a 911 operator in New Orleans until she was fired for “deliberately” hanging up on callers when it suited her.

When people called in asking for help, Precious would…

A New Jersey murder went as cold as the January night she was savagely killed and left in the woods.

The Disappearance

On January 7, 1999, Sayreville War Memorial High School senior Nancy Noga 17 was reported missing by her family.

Nancy had an after-school job at the Rag Shop on Route 9. That night she left work, and she vanished somewhere between the shop and the Skytop Gardens apartments where she lived.

It was only a short walk from the Rag Shop to where she lived on Ernston Road. …

A young couple was brutally attacked and murdered in the woods in 1976. It would take time and technology to bring this killer to justice.

The Case

On Friday, July 9, 1976, David Schuldes and his fiance Ellen Matheys left their tent at the McClintock Park to go for a walk. It would be their last.

The McClintock Park Campground was in the town of Silver Cliff, Marienette County, Wisconsin. It was about an hour and a half north of where the couple both lived in Green Bay.

The Victims

David Schuldes, 25, attended UWGB — University of Wisconsin Green Bay. …

A Mother was more interested in playing a game than responding to her infant’s needs, so she removed him from the equation.

After murdering her son so she could play FarmVille without interruption, Alexander Tobias said this: “I hate myself for what I did, but not for who I am.”

This is a case of a mother (only in the loosest sense of the word) who appears to project she made a mistake and will try not to do it again, type of deal. Tobias didn’t let her kid fall off a swing because she looked away for a minute…

This is a Strange But True Pennsylvania story. A man openly admits to the dead body, just claims it’s a Cadaver, not his victim.

Wednesday, August 11, 2021, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was in the mid-’90s and, as usual, in Pennsylvania humid. Most of the state was probably getting up for work, dreading how miserable the afternoon humidity was going to be. Then there was the Meshey Family.

That morning the Lancaster Police received a phone call from a woman that was definitely not a routine Wednesday morning call.

On the phone, the woman says she just found a severed head…

Does our Zodiac Sign or Year of Birth have any effect on us? What about Serial Killers? Can you spot any signs?

In the Year of the Monkey, Tony Costa was born on August 2, 1944, in the House of Leo.

Costa never got to know his father, who died during World War II while Costa was still an infant.

When he was seven, he started seeing a man enter his room at night. When he described the man, his mother showed him a photograph of his father, and Costa said that was the man who came into his room.

A new mother who told no one she was pregnant commits the ultimate sin of Filicide.

With her wedding only a week away, Linda Chen disappeared. At first, it could be the case of a bride with the jitters, but then how come nothing the fiance said made any sense?

You’re going to hear about the Chinese Mafia, Odd ways Linda might have died, and made-up stories from a fiance that have all been proven to be lies. At the end of this story, you decide what happened to Linda Chen for yourself.

Sweden Missing Person Stats

While researching the Linda Chen case, I found a few places that mentioned the stats for missing person claims in Sweden.

  • 26,000 missing…

Lisa Marie Fuqua

True Crime Writer in Las Vegas. I used to be a Web Developer in the Newsroom, now I spend my time in coffee shops researching murder.

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